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Information About Face Procedures

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Brow lift surgery can create drastic, enhanced results by surgically lifting the brow and forehead for an overall more youthful look.

A cheek lift procedure can help to eliminate sagging, drooping skin in the mid-face and create a tighter, smoother appearance to the face.

A blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper and/or lower eyelids in order to lift and tighten excess skin to increase vision and enhance features.

Chin augmentation is a cosmetic treatment that uses a chin implant, liposuction, a filler, or other methods to add shape and contour to the chin.

Facelift surgery offers long-lasting results to decrease the signs of aging by creating a tighter and more youthful face through various techniques.

Ear surgery (often referred to as otoplasty) is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes and resizes the ear so that it looks normal and more appealing.

Neck lift surgery can reduce the appearance of a drooping, sagging neck by diminishing loose skin along the area for a lifted effect.

A rhinoplasty procedure is performed to reshape, alter, and enhance the appearance of the nose to the desired aesthetics of the patient.

A septoplasty procedure is performed to correct a deviated or crooked septum in the nose in order to allow for clearer airways and easier breathing.

Facial fat grafting is an innovative procedure that takes fat from a place on the body and injects it into desired areas of the face to add volume.

Neck liposuction is a procedure that is beneficial in removing excess fat from the neck area to decrease the look of a double chin.

A revision rhinoplasty is sometimes necessary if a patient did not receive their desired outcome after their initial rhinoplasty procedure.

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