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Dr. James Anthony

Patient Medications for Surgery

Please make sure to fill and pick up all your prescriptions before the day of your scheduled surgery.

You will have (5) prescriptions in total:

  1. Gabapentin/Neurontin 300 mg (nerve pain control)
  2. - Take 2 pills the night before your surgery (600 mg total)

    - After your surgery, begin taking 1 pill (300 mg) 3 times a day for the next 5 days

    - Depending on what time your surgery ends, start taking the Gabapentin at lunch or dinner

    - This medication may make you feel a little dizzy the first time you take it but this effect usually stops after the first dose or two

  3. Scopolamine Patch (nausea/vomiting)
  4. - Place the patch behind your ear the night before surgery

    - If you are having facial/neck surgery, place the patch on your shoulder

    - This patch may give you a dry mouth

  5. Percocet (pain control)
  6. - Please take every 4 to 6 hours as needed

    - Try to keep your pain low and under control – especially for the first few days after surgery

    - If any pain medication is given in the recovery room, the nurse will write down the next time your pain medication is due at home

  7. Keflex (antibiotic)
  8. - An antibiotic will be given to you in surgery

    - Begin taking 1 pill three times a day with food for 5 days

    - Depending on what time your surgery ends, take your first antibiotic at lunch or dinner

  9. Ativan (anxiety/sleep)
  10. - This medication is optional

    - If you feel anxious or are having trouble sleeping, please take 1 pill before bedtime